Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why Nyonya don’t use chopstick

First of all, I want to said, I am still really confusing about Baba and Nyonya. It really seem to be a dying culture, because of old Nyonya are get old, new Nyonya are not so traditional, and lot question that answer that are still remind unknown.

There are article saying they are mostly Muslim, and some said they are Chinese beliefs. And even news about are they Muslim or non-muslim. But this is not what I am interesting in, the thing that I really fell interesting is how they having meal.

The Baba are male that come from China that use chopstick all the time and Nyonya are local Malays that use right hand when they are having meal. Chinese man that time should be the most powerful person in the family that controls almost everything. Why it end up using right hand? All their tableware seems to be so Chinese but there is one thing that is missing from all the tableware, the chopstick. Where are the chopsticks? Do I ask the tour guide, she explain that the Nyonya cook some spice food and it seems fun to have meal with hand, so end up Baba use hand to eat the food. I feel like is a answer but not really enough to explain why, so I do some research and come out with some reason.

Reason 1:

Woman cook while man work outside.

Most Nyonya are good at cooking because they stay at home making meal and kuih. Kitchen is control by woman, and like tour guide said, their food are mostly Malay style, so it’s kind of feel better to taste it using their way.

Reason 2:

Woman take care of child

Since Nyonya get married when they while quite young, they usually have lot of kids. Who take care of them? The wife for sure. They teach them to speak, teach them manner, and also how to eat. Children have been taught using hand to have meal, so they give up the use of chopstick.

Reason 3:

It tastes better?

I meet a Baba when we buy some traditional kuih alone the street of Malacca. He is the seller of the kuih stand. I ask he do he use chopstick normally, and he answer he use fork and spoon. It just tastes better. So I ask again, do he use hand to have meal, he said his father used to use hand in the past. I think is like Malay, some of them are also using fork and spoon nowadays.

Reason 4:

Maximize (放大化)

This is also the reason that kills this culture, maximize. People love to maximize things. Nyonya might use hand to eat, it shows the mixture between Malay and Chinese, but do every Nyonya use hand to eat? It is really hard to find it, everyone is saying that Nyonya use hand to eat, then end up, every Nyonya use hand to eat. What about the rest that use chopstick. It is not only about chopstick. This maximize make Nyonya not so Nyonya. This is killing traditional culture.

There is a funny facts that all the tableware that been show in the museum, there are only bowl for soup but no bowl for rice, because they use plate and hand to have meal.

So this is what I want to share. Thank for reading.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Web design 2-- Project Concept

Project Definition
For this project, we have been given 7 week to redesign a commercial website. And the client for me is Pallas. Pallas is a local shoes company that mainly product canvas shoes and school shoes. Target client are mostly 7 to 18 for school shoes and 16 to 24 for canvas shoes. So their web's main target audients are youth and youngster. So I should make the thier web look more interting and more young to suit thier target.

Current Site's Analysis & Goals
Their current website is for promoting their shoes and to let people know more about shoes(the history of the shoes) and also to promote what you should wear in difference place(tasik kenyir). But it seem to be very boring topic for youth. And the history is not really related to thier shoes.

And for the website itself, it is very massy with broken links(alot), mystery meat(i really click lot of time) and lot of web mistake(no table, no consistent layout, not browser friendly also). They are using green as their background due to their corporate color, but it is too over use and it look too shape for a background color. And there are not much about their production and also their company information. How you can sell you production without showing any of your product.

Client's Analysis
Pallas is a local shoes company that sell shoes. Their canvas shoes are like others canvas shoes, but their shoes is much cheaper, and this is a really good thing for them. That is the point that they can increase their sales and bring their product to international.

USP (Unique Selling Point)
After seeing some of their ads, i think their USP is Long lasting(a walk of life) and also comfortable.

Short & Long-term Site Goals
Short-term is to increase sales and viewer for this web. Do more promotion and also reimage the pallas shoes, to make it a brand to represent young and fasion.
Long-term is to have a group of loyalty customers, and also try to make pallas a brand that represent canvas shoes and school shoes.

Mission and Vision Statement
Their mission is to get more sales for sure, but for the vision is to make their canvas shoes the first choose amount other brand in Malaysia.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Web design 2-- Tutorial and Library

Here are some tutorial and library of CSS and HTML.

Some tutorial of photoshop.

Web design 2-- Nice Web Reference

#It's a girl's clothing website, and I can know it seen i first visit.
#The rollover showing name effect is very nice, and it's without flash.
#The shoes is being show in a very interesting way.
#The lot of layering reduce the edge the could be seen.

#The overall mood is good. Although the website is a bit to left.
#The ways they show the item for sales are in great way. And it's without flash.
#All picture are large enough to see but not to huge that become the forces point.

#The overall mood is good. Pager pasting design.
#Look fancy but is not a full flash base website, actually is without flash.
#The website is just nice, can be open in any window size.
#They should "there are no picture", people wont wait for nothing.

#All item for sale are without background.
#The blue menu bar look interesting.
#The whole mood look nice, very youth.
#No fancy color or design, just blue and simple boxes.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Web design 2-- Competitor

Good side-- #Button are easy to recognize.
#The texture at the background make overall look nicer.
#The drop down menu save space.
#All the picture are big enough to see.
#Some button are blend into the background.
#There are soft by system.

Bad side-- #Fully flash website, take really long time to load. And that is a really big problem.
#At first, I don't know what should to click.

Everlasting is one of the competitor but they don't have website, so i will be analysis crocs' webpage.
Good side-- #The layout are consistent.
#The shadow below the box look nice and reduce the feeling of edge.
#The background that change with difference look nice and it's easy to know where you are.
#The overall look hormony.
#No flash involve, fast loaded.

Good side-- #Really consistent in every page.
#The style gallery are very suitable for youth.
#Not a lot of flash involve in the webpage, light to loading.
#No edge at all, website look nicer.
#The flash at the middle is easy and nice to use.
#The history of that shop is being show interestingly.
#The color that used is not too male or female.
#Everything are link together. You can link to same page from difference page.


Good side-- #Button are easy to recognize.
#The edge are quite nature. Especially the lower part that show the brush effect.
#The pop-up window that show 3D rotation of shoe is great, and size reduce.
#The red that use in the webpage look interesting when almost everything are black, white and gray.
#The sub-button that show after clicking the main button are good.
#All the picture are big enough to see.
#There are no scroll bar.
#The small button on the top show where are you and what are the page you come from. Easy to use.

Bad side-- #When link to "Do It Yourself" page, the page are no more consistent.
#Webpage is too dark for girls.

Web design 2-- Client: Pallas

Pallas is a local shoes company that product mostly canvas shoes. Canvas shoes are mostly be wear by youth and youngster between 15 to 25, so their web should look younger and more energy. And also, Pallas second production are school shoe.

So here are some print screen of Pallas.
Main page

Location of shop

All about shoes

Shoes that company got sold that related to All about shoes

Suggestion for shoes wearing
They are using a trip to Tasik Kenyir.

Good side-- #Company logo are in all page.
#Using a map to show all the pallas shop in Malaysia.
#Expect for the 1st page, other page are still in consistent.

Bad side-- #Too many flash in their web but nothing fancy. Can be reduce.
#It doesn't really look like a web that target youth.
#Size of the main page is too small, but other are still ok.
#Not consistence in the size of all the page.
#There are some broken link.
#There are some image that look like button but it's actually not.
#The trip to Tasik Kenyir way to suggest shoe is creative, but not really effective.
#The map that show in web page look too raw.